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The kids programme offers an integrated personal safety system that involves the parent, the school, and the child.

Using age-appropriate role-play, positive talks, and demonstrations, the programme focuses on the following:

  • Setting up rules with positive safety talks
  • What is personal space? Why is it important?
  • Creating good personal barriers and boundaries
  • Appropriate/inappropriate behaviour (good VS bad touching)
  • Reporting inappropriate behaviour to a trusted adult
  • How to ask for help
  • Bully safety
  • Creating safe space and words
  • Using their built-in defence tools (brain, eyes, tummy & legs!)
  • Learning to be aware and acting with confidence
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • Internet / social media safety / Cyberbullying
Ages 4 12

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The Teen programme focuses on the teenager themselves and prepares them for the realities of the outside world. The course focuses on:

  • Practicing awareness and behaving with confidence
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • Internet / social media safety / Cyberbullying
  • Effective communication and how to ask for help
  • Setting personal boundaries and safety barriers
  • Sexual safety
  • Making safe decisions and taking responsibility
  • Learning to prioritise safety
  • Identifying and mitigating personal safety risks
  • Developing a unique personal safety plan
Ages 13 18 up


‘Bear’ stands for the principles of the programme which teaches kids and teens how to develop their own personal safety plan around the following keys focus points:
What Bear stands for words only


The school selects the appropriate educators for training which is undertaken by specialist ACT BEAR Trainers.

After training, the topics covered by the programme are tackled by the educators themselves in the classroom. By training the educator directly, acquired knowledge and skills can be passed on to children on an ongoing basis.

To reinforce the teachings and principles of the programme, we also offer physical safety training conducted either at school during physical education or taken as an extra-mural activity after school.


ACT BEAR teaches educators how to equip children and teens with the necessary tools to manage real-life problems and deal with life-threatening situations.

How do we do this

By training educators themselves, we aim to create a sustainable personal safety education programme that can run continuously in schools across South Africa.

The programme has been developed over a number of years with the input of a clinical child psychologist and an experienced school educator. It draws on our own specialist knowledge of factors influencing criminality, as well as information and expertise from a multitude of fields including law enforcement, medical, martial arts, health & fitness, and psychology.