Keeping your children safe

Helping your children take control of their safety

Meet "Max"!

“Max” the BEAR is more than just a programme mascot: He is an interactive tool to aid and consolidate our discussions with young children in a non-threatening and fun way.

The "Bear" Safety Philosophy

BEAR stands for the principles of the programme which teaches kids and teens how to develop their own personal safety plan.

Helping You Achieve Safety

How We Do This

ACT BEAR teaches parents how to equip children and teens with the necessary tools to manage real-life problems and deal with life-threatening situations.

By training parents themselves, we aim to create a sustainable personal safety education programme that can run on a continuous basis.

The programme has been developed over a number of years with the input of a clinical child psychologist and experienced school educator.

It draws on our own specialist knowledge of factors influencing criminality, as well as information and expertise from multitude of fields including law enforcement, medical, martial arts, health & fitness and psychology.

Why Do  Have To Teach My Child About Personal Safety?

According to a study done by University of Cape Town

Boys & Girls Are Equally Vulnerable

Of the children that are abused, only 31% of girls and 2% of boys report the incident to the police! 


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Every Child Has The Right To Safety!

The ACT BEAR programme teaches parents to help their kids survive in today’s society.

BEAR stands for the principals of the programme which teaches kids and teens how to develop their own per safety plan.


Learn how to teach your child about different types of boundaries, both physical and logical.  What type of “touch” is ok and what is not acceptable.  What are their boundaries with strangers, friends and people they know?

Evade and Escape

Your child needs to learn to evade unwanted touching, bullies and other things that make them feel uncomfortable. Among the many dangers your child faces is kidnapping.  Hearing about the possibility that they may be taken, could make your child fearful so it is imperative that Personal Safety training is done so as NOT to make your child afraid


Most child (and adults) are totally unaware of what is happening to them and around them.  You will learn how to use age appropriate games to teach your child about awareness


Your child should learn to recognise physical dangers as well as the dangers of allowing people to push their boundaries.  You will learn how to teach your child about their Personal Safety tools and how they can use them to keep themselves safe.

ACT BEAR Children’s Training Programme!

ACT Personal Safety believes all children have the right to grow up safe, happy and confident. Our BEAR programme is designed to help parents help kids thrive and survive in today’s society.

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