Children's Training Programme

Keeping Your Children You Safe

Children Today Face A Myriad Of Personal Safety Challenges

Peer pressure, cyber bullying, sexual predators,
sexual abuse, rape, kidnapping, hijacking, and other
tragic crimes are sadly realities many families are
forced to deal with every day.
Often our own fears of creating a fearful child stop
us from talking to our kids about these threats.
But empowering our children with knowledge and
equipping them with the practical skills to handle a
threatening situation can be the difference between
life or death.
It is critical for them to know how to
recognise different kinds of danger,
what they should do in a hostile
situation, and most importantly,
how to avoid having to face these
risks altogether.

How Do I Make This Happen?

As parents, we teach our children not to play with fire, to always wear their seatbelts and to look both ways before they cross the street. We understand that there are many other dangers that our children face, especially when we are not around.  According to a recent UCT study, 1 in 3 young South Africans are sexually abused (click here to download the report) and the recent upsurge in the news stories about children being taken in broad daylight is alarming.  So how do we teach our children to stay safe from these types of dangers without making them terrified?  ACT BEAR can help.

With our simple to learn teaching methodology, we will help to you become your child’s Personal Safety Instructor.

It’s As Easy As:

1.  School facilitates ACT BEAR talks for parents and children

Talk to your school about facilitating the BEAR child safety talks.  There is no cost to the school and pricing starts at R50 per family (the equivalent of about three litres of petrol!).

2.  Parent/s attend the ACT BEAR parents training

In this one-and-a-half-hour talk, we provide parents with the knowledge and tools to engage with their child/ren about how to keep themselves safe

3.  Child/ren attends an age appropriate ACT BEAR talk

Because children understand things differently depending on their age, the ACT BEAR talks are specifically age appropriate.

Grades are divides as follows:

Primary Schools – grades R through 3 and grades 4 through 7

High Schools – grades 8 through 10 and grades 11 & 12

This training provides the perfect platform for you to start engaging your child/ren in a non-frightening way around your other safety strategies, such as Hijack Avoidance and Survival and Home Invasion: Preparation and Survival.

Terms and conditions apply

Every child is different and may be more advanced in some areas.

This table provides a guideline for teaching your child about THEIR Personal Safety:

Grades R through 3

Positive safety talk (safety rules)

Personal space awareness

Basic boundary setting

Getting help

Using their safety tools

Sand-boxing safety (role play with toys)

Grades 4 through 7

Appropriate & inappropriate behaviour

Bully safety

Safe room / safe spaces (emergency plans)

Self defence skills – including verbal self defence

Grades 8 through 10

Awareness (being & acting aware and confident)

Identifying and mitigating Personal Safety risks

Dealing with peer pressure

Internet / cyber safety

Grades 11 & 12

Sexual safety (pressure, emotional coercion, intimidation)

Enforcing Personal Safety boundaries (role play)

Responsibility for making safe decisions

Effective communication

Schools & Boarding Schools

Are your schools safety policies & procedures up to scratch?

Safety at school, particularly at boarding houses, is a key issue in South Africa. The onus is on the school to keep children and staff safe under all circumstances.

ACT Personal Safety can review, test and revise your policies and procedures and provide training to ensure that these are clear, integrated, relevant and effective to your school in reducing identified threats.

Good policies and procedures allow school managers to control events in advance and prevent costly life – threatening incidents.

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