Boundary setting for kids – Understanding boundaries and how to set them is vital to Personal Safety on every level. There are many forms of boundaries; an example of a physical boundary may be a wall or a door. A wall is a solid boundary and keeps everyone out but a door can be opened to people who you know are safe to let in. A personal boundary is something you can’t see but is just as real, especially when it is broken by someone.

An example of a Personal boundary may be something that is based on physical touch OR something based on feelings. An example of a physical touch boundary could be if a person you don’t know comes and puts their arm around you and you feel uncomfortable. An example of a feeling boundary may be when someone says something hurtful to you.

Next time you talk about safety with your child, explain what boundaries are and ask them to give you a few examples of the various types of boundaries (Physical and Personal) and talk about them and then roll play the different type of personal boundaries and what they can possibly do when their boundaries are broken.