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Children today face a myriad of personal safety challenges…

What can we do to decrease the incidence of violence against children and teens in South Africa?

The personal safety challenges young children and teenagers face today have escalated. Peer pressure, bullying, sexual abuse, sexual predators, rape, kidnapping, hijacking, and the very real threat of home invasions, have sadly become a daily reality for many South African families.

Having grown up in a different time, we as adults, often have little or no experience of how to talk to our children about practical ways to prevent or deal with these threats.
Which begs the questions:

  • How do we equip our children with the skills they need in order to survive today?
  • How do we teach them to recognise danger, or what to do when they find themselves in a hostile situation?
  • Most importantly, what tools are we giving them to help them avoid having to face these risks altogether?
For many parents and caregivers, the fear of creating a fearful child prevents them from talking to children about possible threats and teaching them these critical life skills.

This is the reason why Personal Safety has developed the BEAR Programme.

BEAR aims to teach educators how to empower children – in an age-appropriate manner – with knowledge and practical skills that will help them to address real-life problems and life-threatening situations.

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